Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beat Cha Like Ya Stole Somethin'!

Hi everyone.

You've heard me speak out on this before, but I need to just remind people. Authors, most of us I believe, work very hard on our books. We have other obligations, families, jobs etc. and if we are indie, we have to spend money out of our own pocket many times to make sure our finished 'product' is ready to go. Please do not ask for illegal shares and/or downloads of our work. It hurts us - not just because of the money, because of our blood, sweat and tears. It is a slap in the face. If you really like our work, and you want us to keep writing, PLEASE PURCHASE your OWN copy. We know when our work is being pirated, more times than not. We also know that some of the people on our 'friends list' and followers on twitter, are the ones requesting our books on illegal share sites and bootleg download sites. It may seem innocent, and you may think, "Oh, what is one or two biggie." But that isn't the point and it is NEVER one or two shares. Imagine twenty people have downloaded the book illegally, then they give it to forty other people, and so it goes, like falling dominoes.

So many readers, and rightfully so, complain about poor editing. Well, we have to hire people to assist with that. Many of us are writers - we are not English professors. Good editing costs money. It comes with a cost that WE AS AUTHORS, have to pay for. We do that for YOU. I can live with my grammatical errors just fine, lol, but YOU deserve better. Many readers complain about 'jacked up' covers, or covers that don't match the characters in the story, or the same ol' models on all the covers - well, we have to pay for that if you want to see something new and original. Not to mention, there is no price you can put on our time.

Do you all realize that for us, that are truly dedicated to this, the time away from our families that takes place? Do you know how many times I am told by friends and family - that it appears I've disappeared off the face of the Earth because I am closed up in my office, on my laptop, researching, writing and trying to get my ideas poured out in a clear manner? I LOVE doing this, and without the reader - the ideas would only be on my computer, and never go farther - but we need you to understand, that there is a price that goes with this, people.

I try to get better with each book I write - because you deserve it, and that is what someone who loves what they do, should strive for. I know money is tight. You don't think it is tight for authors as well? No one gets rich off of writing, for MANY years in the game and even then, it is a select few. I'm not trying to get rich - I am trying to cover my expenses and have a little left over for a vacation now and again. Period, point blank. So I beg of you...don't ask for illegal copies of our work, don't download illegal copies and just give us the same respect for our craft, that you'd want, if you were in our shoes. Thank you so much. ♥

Tiana Laveen

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Great Build-Up


I could become philosophical and talk about all the twists and turns throughout a writing journey but there is no need for that for in this blog entry. I have a question, but first let me explain what is going.

 I am working on something very important to me. Matter of fact, the book is already written (the bare bones of it) but now is that stage where I go in and fix any 'untied shoes', sharpen scenes and toil over if I really want the character to tell me what to do before this goes off to the editor to be ripped to shreds. Okay, I exaggerated about that last part...

She doesn't rip it to shreds, but there is a black eye or two...

Okay so here we are and I am debating with something...wrestling, fighting like two hookers over a high-paying rich john and I truly would appreciate my reader and fans input.

How fast do you need for the couple in the story to 'get together' before you become done and done? 

 Now typically, this isn't a struggle for me. I allow a reasonable lead-up, except for a couple of my stories that warranted otherwise because the characters NEEDED to fit the scene and the scene fit them so delaying the inevitable for them would have been unnecessary to the story. However, that is not the case here. There is a lot background info. needed because this is a psychological suspense thriller that just happens to be EROTIC ROMANCE. of those 'all inclusive' bits...

It is a very challenging piece, and it would be unrealistic for the two to simply jump in the sack, let alone kiss right away, however, this is taking quite some time...more than I thought it would. I have to be true to my characters, my image of the story, and my art. That is what comes first because if I change that - then it is not my story anymore, it is someone else's who isn't writing it, but simply wants to orchestrate from the sidelines. (I will get into that pet peeve later in a different blog entry...)


So...I am inviting you long is TOO long even though (in my opinion) the story is moving along rather rapidly and important pieces are being laid out beforehand. It is a lengthy book, so when we DO GET THERE, it isn't rushed along and it is RIGHT - It is sensual, electric and authentic. (Yeah, you'll be the judge of that, right? lol) 

Anyway, I felt compelled to take my time with this - there are sensitive issues going on as well, in the story, so that is another reason why I have a full 'background' check of the two main characters - I am allowing you as the reader to see what they are doing IN THE MOMENT (These are 'live' shots) not a bunch of past reminiscing, etc.

So...please let me know your thoughts. I want to open the flood gates and ask you,

"Can you hang on for awhile or is this something that irritates you, OR is this the type of thing you relish, because you really want to know the characters and want them to develop before jumping in the sack."

As Monica said, "I don't get down on the first night..." LOL

Let a me know...


Tiana Laveen