Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Shopping in Tahiti... grab your credit card, let's GO!

PayPal credit, cashier's check, cold hard cash, I don't care, just have it for this shopping trip in Tahiti!

Now, if you are a true Shopinista such as myself, then you are always looking for a bargain.

I can find plenty in the Dollar Tree and Neiman Marcus, Please don't get it twisted. Now, being that I am an introvert and people make me itch (Kidding, not kidding) I do tend to do at least 50% of my shopping online, that said, when you are in a tropical getaway, you MUST get out and check out the local art, the shops, the vendors, the fresh fruit and vegetable stands, the gift shops and of course the book stores.

Now, picture it! You and me and our crew, racing about Tahiti on a shopping spree of the lifetime. No matter your budget, here are some places that you will DEFINITELY want to check out:

Tahiti Pearl Market

Let's get into these jewels, gems and shiny things, okay?!

Pearls are a big deal in Tahiti, and the amount of places you can get them can be overwhelming. 

This place doesn't disappoint. It is a bit pricier, however, the quality is impeccable and you can walk

 way knowing you've received the real deal. Here is a review: 

"They have a huge variety, and they will customize a bauble for you on the spot. They come with certificates, and will even help you to purchase duty free. I am now loving my one-of-a-kind Tahitian pearl necklace!"

Municipal Market

Are you ready to get some fresh produce, fresh squeezed juice and gifts to take back to the

homies? Look no further!

Francois Cardella Colette Streets, Papeete 98714, French Polynesia



Boulevard Pomare | Front de mer Place Vaiete, Papeete 98713, French Polynesia

As an artist and art lover myself, whenever I see a public art studio, art museum or art shop,
 I have to stop inside. This one is top notch. If you are in the mood to spruce up your place, 
change up your decor or get that special something to stage as a conversation piece, this is the 
spot to be.

This concludes our Polynesian Tahiti shopping trip, and I've enjoyed this time with you.

My girls Olivia Gaines and JK Rivers have some info. for you as well such as information about the island itself and places to grab a bite to eat so be sure to check out their blogs, FB Posts, etc.

Until next time, keep on reading! 


Author Tiana Laveen

Spilling the Tea Announcement: New Book on the horizon!

Boys and girls,
Romance Readers of the World!
I am here to spill this Tiana Laveen Tea Time Tea!

I have something exciting to share, a project that myself, Olivia Gaines and JK Rivers have been working on is out of the bag.

Picture it! Tahiti, 2017…

You, your boo and a whole lot of, “What in the world did you do?”

Here is the blurb so you know what this book entails:

College friends, Leah, Naima, & Yuri reunite for a fun filled weekend in Tahiti. The ladies check into an exclusive luxury resort as three beautifully crafted stories begin by taking the reader on a two-night, romantic adventure.

Artfully woven romances bloom in a tropical paradise backdropped against a picturesque setting kicking off a personal transformation of all three women, with new men, new challenges, and loads of love.

 Now, my book is entitled, “Leah”. All three characters have their own story and the stories intertwine. You will hear more about Leah in the upcoming weeks, but I just needed to take a moment and let you all know what we’ve been cooking up in the writing kitchen.

Now, here is the best part…

You can pre-order this book RIGHT NOW, for only 99 cents. It is available where most books are sold: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes


Make sure you one click and get your copy today so that when the day comes, you will awaken to it right there on your device.

Myself and the ladies are looking forward to bringing this novel to you.

Tiana Laveen