Saturday, January 14, 2017

That Sweet and Sour Character

That Sweet and Sour Book Character

In my first book of my Raven Maxim series, “Ghost Writer”, I deal with an array of complex characters, yet, they are relatable. One character that rubbed many readers the wrong way, while gave many others abundant chuckles, was Aunt Sugar. 

Do you know why some hated this woman, some loved her and some hated and loved her at the same time? Because she was a sweet and sour soul…

A sweet and sour soul is a person who is stewed in ignorance, hurtful ways and stubbornness. They seem void of any educational leanings, and believe that their own thoughts and beliefs should be adopted by all. They are difficult people, albeit complex people and they get on many people’s last nerve. These people are also teachers, however, and despite how they often come across, they are far from stupid.
They have lived many life times, endured hurts that many of us have never seen nor would we survive, and one of their own mechanisms to simply make it, was to build a wall, a fence if you will, around themselves. This fence can come across as being closed off, as being devoid of empathy for others. As being set in their ways, silly, delusional and down right crazy. But one thing that makes them different from someone who literally wakes up in hopes of destroying another person’s zest for life, is that they DO care. They DO love. They DO cherish. 

They often live in the past, because the past, to them is safe. There are no unknowns there, and they know their way around the roads of yesteryear quite well. The future is scary for them, for there is no crystal ball available to tell them each and every turn that is to come. The Aunt Sugars of the world remind us of what we do not want to be, but also, what in some ways, we must become in order to truly accept ourselves. They are not as they appear – they are so much more than that. We miss the blessing in looking them in the eye, hearing their voice and growing weary of their stories if we take them only at face value. They are rich with lessons – the ones we should avoid, and the ones we should repeat. 

So before we laugh at Aunt Sugar, or hate her with a passion, perhaps we should observe her from various angles and hold her somewhere in the middle… She’s a sweet and sour soul, indeed.
She is served best in small doses, but she is a delicacy, an acquired taste, a learning lesson on repeat and a treasure, all the same…
- Author Tiana Laveen

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