Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Introverted Author

The introverted author

I’m sure, comes as no surprise that a fair number of writers, published and non-published, are natural introverts. Our minds after all are filled with stories, ideas, pieces of characters and scenarios that we’ve concocted either right there Johnny on the spot or have been nesting and nursing for months, perhaps years. Being an introverted author myself, it takes much psyching myself up to present myself to crowds in which the light will be upon me, even for a short duration. I don’t tend to enjoy that, I’d much rather drift in the background like a leaf blowing in the wind… you see me, but you don’t. I prefer the words in my books to be the star performers, while I pull puppet strings in the background via a completed novel. Being an introverted author has pros and cons…

One, I regard my connections in almost a spiritual way. I am guarded now due to experience, being burned a few times and simply wishing to just keep things to myself, so if I open up to someone, for me at least, that’s a pretty big deal. Some of my readers that have actually met me in person have stated, “Tiana, you’re down to earth.” Or, “You seem open, approachable.” I do not have a diva type attitude as it pertains to getting to know and fellowship with my readers. I have to urinate, blow my nose and brush my teeth just like the rest of you. TMI, but you get the point. This fact of me being ‘open’ so to speak, has afforded me a friendship of sorts  with some of my readers. That’s important, for our reputation as authors is part of our brand and how we treat our readers can impact that. That brings me to a con, however… sometimes the introverted author does not wish to engage.

What that means is, for example, let’s say a reader sends me an email. (Lately I’ve been having my emails screened due to receiving ones that let’s just say, are not beneficial to me or anyone else for that matter.) I, being the person I am, wish to respond to each email I receive but time to time an author may run across someone whom as soon as you respond to them, they take that as an invitation to slide shade in their emails under the guise of 'love', also in the disguise as fan-dom. I’m not one of your little friends and I’m not Boo-Boo the fool, just as some of our mama’s used to tell us, lol.

So I end up teetering on the fence—I don’t want to ignore the individual, but acknowledging them may fed their inner troll-dom. As for the past 8-10 months, the screening process has been a big help and I don’t have to deal with this nearly as much, therefore, I am not compelled to feel an obligation to a person who wishes to try and pull a fast one. I do however, get immense pleasure from emails from individuals who enjoy my books and let me know. Those emails get through to me and I respond as needed. (I will do a separate blog about ‘author abuse’ at a later date.) So anywho, social media and emails are a curse and a blessing all at once. More people have access to their favorite authors, singers, etc. than ever and it is not unreasonable to receive a tweet, email, and FB message back from someone you enjoy as far as their expression of their art. It’s a win-win situation, and my readers are awesome, so the engagement is fine, especially since afterward I can slink back into my little cave. 

In closing, I like being an introvert, people. It took me a long time to accept that I’m strange, overly-reflective, take my friendships seriously even if said ‘friend’ didn’t feel the same, live inside of my head, can be at times emotional and at other times cold and unmoved. I need my space and private time or I will begin to disengage and can become quite irritable. (Don't feed me after midnight.) I at times love animals more than people. (Shrugs shoulders). It’s cool with me now, I’m fine being introverted, matter of fact, I wouldn't have it any other way -- it is part of who I am. Some of my best ideas come to me when I am away from the world, dancing inside my own mind. My dreams even create stories – example, the character Dr. Saint Aknaten came from a dream. Go figure?
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Introverts unite! 
(In separate rooms with locked doors and peepholes… I’m just sayin’.)


Tiana Laveen

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